A winning collaboration: The Grand Prix Formula 1



A recreational products company


After securing the winning design for the new Canadian Grand Prix Formula 1 trophy, BRP Design & Innovation* needed to find a supplier that could meet the exacting demands that manufacturing the trophy would involve. They turned to BCH.


Successfully create a piece with an elaborate fabrication process – one that would merge metal with acrylic.

Not only did the project require a set of complex procedures and exacting attention to detail, it also had to be completed within a tight delivery schedule. BCH Unique brilliantly accomplished the mission.


By producing this piece that looks like the Canadian emblem, team BRP Design & innovation and BCH Unique have raised this challenge. Then, BRP Design & innovation has won the contest for the 2011 Grand Prix Formula 1 trophy.


*BRP Design & innovation is also responsible for the graphic conception of many recreational products such as rotax, ski-doo, can-am and Jonhson envinrude. Visit www.brp.com

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