Commemorating Canadian Automotive Industry Leaders




Create a custom award that would be a good representation of the automotive industry, with no connection to any specific brand. The piece would be presented to winning car manufacturers during an annual event attended by the entire industry as well as experts and journalists.


As every car has pistons and all pistons are the same, this shape was chosen for the award. Our first step was to recreate a three-dimensional piston, utilizing our virtual proof software. The distributor went the extra mile by going to an automotive scrap yard to find a piston and take pictures from all angles so our team of designers could make accurate drawings. An additional challenge for our team was that no time could be allowed for a pre-production sample. Our virtual proofs needed to be very accurate to give our client peace of mind.


Once the final design was approved, the piece was rushed into production in order to meet the client’s event date. Only three weeks were available to produce fifteen custom awards. Great communication and teamwork was the key to make this project a success. The order was delivered on time for the event and the awards were well received by the entire industry, who were impressed by an award made especially for them.

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