Oil Vials Embedded


Oil & Gas


The client was a pipeline company looking to showcase 6 different types of oil. They wanted the oil displayed in a way that would make it impossible for the recipients to open the containers that would hold the oil. They also wanted an easy way to differentiate the different types of oils coming from various places in the United States, all presented in one single piece. The company needed a total of 750 pieces for their employees as a thank you gift.


The best way to feature the different types of oil was to place them side by side in clear vials. To ensure the vials could not be opened to give access to the oil and that they would not leak, our team designed a piece where vials were to be embedded in an acrylic block. Every type of oil was identified under the vial and the company logo was printed on the front of the piece.


The client will be able to showcase his different types of oil in a display easy to carry, lieak-free, and that will stay intact for years to come.

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