Our Story

Our roots reach back to 1957, when the company founder (Mr. Paul Tanguay) started the business in the basement of the local City Hall in St-Martin, Quebec, Canada. He named the company Unique Art, and set out to manufacture Lucite key chains, name plates & paperweights for the souvenir industry.


In 1971, three business partners came together and started their own company to produce Lucite embedments. They started offering custom awards & paperweights to the North American promotional products industry. Felix Bolduc, Fabien Carrier and Guy Hamel took the first letter of each of their last names to name their new company BCH Plastics. In 1979, BCH Plastics bought Unique Art, merging both organizations. BCH Unique Inc. was born.


Over time, the company’s main focus shifted away from souvenirs to the Promotional Product industry. By 1987, Felix Bolduc became the sole owner of BCH Unique. He remained active in the business until 1991, when he sold a part of the company to his son Bernard Bolduc who became the president in 1994.


Thru organic growth as well as acquisitions, the company evolved and became the unchallenged leader in the field of embedments and cast acrylics.


From 1979 to 2015, the name BCH Unique was used both as a corporate name and a commercial name. In 2016, following a corporate reorganisation that aimed to bring more clarity in each of its respective lines of business, the corporate name was changed and BCH Unique became the commercial name used for the acrylic product line sold thru the Promotional Product distributor’s market and the resellers business.


For over sixty years, the BCH Unique name has been synonym with outstanding service, quality and reliability. It’s with these guiding principles that the team behind the BCH Unique offer are continuing to build the business with our reseller’s channel.

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