Printing & Decoration Options

Enhance your award in multiple places with conventional silkscreen, laser engraving, or the latest digital printing technology. BCH uses many more printing and decorating techniques than those mentioned underneath. Get in touch with our customer service team for more information.

3D Laser Engraving

Used on crystal only, this method is use to create an artwork in 3D within the crystal piece.


Your text or artwork is printed on acetate, which is then embedded inside the acrylic. Once embedded, the film almost disappears and the artwork seems to be floating within the deal toy.


Airbrush is the process of painting a surface with compressed air. This technique creates a uniform surface without brush mark.

Digital Curved Print

Digitally printed on a adhesive vinyl used to add print on a curved surface. This adhesive vinyl sticks and molds to any shape.

Digital Print

A digitally printed film that can be embedded in Lucite deal toys. As opposed to acetate printing, digital print is used for prints with a lot of different colors.

Direct Print

Direct printing is used on flat hard pieces such as wood, acrylic, aluminum etc. It is use for most printing jobs with standard colors.


Embedment is the process to place an object inside a Lucite piece. The object is placed in a dense liquid Lucite and then cooks inside special pressurized ovens. Once this process is over, the object seems to be floating inside the award.

Frosted Print Effect

This is a printing method that can only be used on hard flat surface. This digital direct print will give the same look that a sandblast method would.


Sandblasting is the process of « blasting » sand under high pressure on a hard surface area. The end result is a frosted look effect on the surface of the piece.

Silk Screen

Screen Printing is use to print special type of ink color that a standard digital printer cannot create. It is used on the outside surface area of the product. This technique cannot be used on curved awards.

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