How long does the process take from start to finish?

Although you can turn around a rush project in matters of days, the average production time is 6-8 weeks

Can I place a rush order for a closing dinner or event?

Orders requiring shorter-than-published lead times may be possible. Please contact Customer Service for specific information prior to sending an order. FACTORY AUTHORIZATION IS REQUIRED ON ALL RUSH ORDERS AND A RUSH CHARGE OF AT LEAST 15% WILL BE APPLIED

Do I have to come up with my own design ideas?

No, although any design ideas that your team may have are welcome. Our account managers will guide you through the designing process.

Do I get to see a sample of my awards first?

Yes, a prototype is created so you can see a physical piece before it goes in production. This allows you to make any final changes before you receive the full order.

Can just about anything be put inside Lucite?

The factory will not know if something can be embedded until it is tested. Some pieces cannot withstand the heat, but there are always other options.

What is the difference between crystal and Lucite?

Lucite is a form of acrylic that is clear and translucent and can be shaped into different forms. You can embed in Lucite.

Crystal is a form of glass with a high degree of transparency. You can 3D etch in crystal.

Is there a minimum number of awards you can order?

No, there is no minimum quantity order.

Will the size of the awards affect the price?

Yes. The more square inch of material you require, the more expensive it will be.

Will the shape of the awards affect the price?

Yes. Custom shape requires more time and machining. Standard piece will be less expensive.

Which materials to use?


Wood is a hard, fibrous substance that can be used for standard and custom shaped award products. Manufacturing a wood piece takes true craftsmanship but it is a fun and unique way to commemorate an event. Wood is a 100% natural material that allows several finishes for the surfaces and colors.


Crystal and glass products are the most popular non-Lucite gift in the recognition community as they display beautiful clarity. Crystal is perfect for 3D etching and financial tombstones in standard shapes. *********Click here********** and take a look at all the crystals we have in stock.


Lucite is a clear and translucent product with a hard and smooth surface that can be shaped into different shapes. Lucite is the only material in which an object can be embedded, and it allows for great flexibility when it comes to designing an award. Not everything can be embedded in Lucite; you’ll have to go through some tests first if the object has never been tested by our team.


Stone is a great material to incorporate when adding substance to a gift. Whether stone is used as the base or the entire piece. the finished product never fails to impress with its modern and chic look. Granite is a durable material that adds weight to the trophy.


Metal is an extremely strong material, requiring a wide range of tools and techniques to achieve the desired aesthetic. We offer a variety of metals for your awards, including aluminum, steel and brass. You can also mix materials and use a metal base with a crystal plaque which gives a very sophisticated look to your award.

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