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Oil & Gas


A long-standing customer in the oil and gas sector had come to us several times for our embedments that incorporated small vials of oil. However, this time the client wanted an entirely new approach. It would be our job to design a piece with the wow-factor he was seeking, that would commemorate the opening of a new pipeline


Our New Product Development Team came up with a great solution.  By utilizing a special machining process, they were able to create an internal container that could hold a quantity of liquid that would exceed the capabilities of the vials used in past. As well, this internal container could be fashioned to resemble a wide range of shapes – cylindrical, tear drop, bottle, etc. The effect created was one of liquid moving inside the acrylic, which was both novel and attractive.


By taking a highly creative approach to the project, we designed an entirely new process. The client received an outstanding commemorative piece and BCH opened a world of possibilities for new ways to showcase liquid.

The new process means we can create pieces that will hold replicas of perfume bottles, soft drink containers, chemicals and a host of other products within. Best of all, any color liquid and a variety of shapes are all possible.

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